All About Me

Technology-Technology-MemeMy name is Barbara Pieper. I grew up on our family farm just north of Mitchell, Nebraska. I am the second oldest of six children with four brothers and one sister. My family is not poor, but when the ag prices drop, we see the different riches in which we have been blessed. Growing up on the farm has taught me to count my true blessings and see the extra stuff in my life. Technology is one of the extra things.

Growing up, we had three channels and the movie channel. We watched TV only when my mom wanted us to fall asleep. Our main computer was and still is, run off of dial-up. However, we have acquired a few laptops with the older children heading off to college. The main phone is still a home phone, and one is even a rotary dial on the wall.

Because of the lack of technology in my life, I do not know everything that I can use it for in my classroom. Therefore, I am nervous, yet excited, for the Literacy in the Digital Age class in which I created this blog.