Blog Audit

This is the end of finals week meaning the end of the class that forced me to create a blog and to use it at least once a week for the past 16 weeks. However, I hope this is not the last time that I use this blog, and I have even considered creating another blog for my classroom when the day I get my first classroom finally arrives. This blog marks the last blog for the class, and for at least the summer months. Here is a reflection of the semester.

Looking back through my blogs to complete the class audit has allowed me to reflect on this semester. Until today, I did not realize how much I enjoyed blogging. I am happy to see the semester end, but I do not want to stop blogging and reading other blogs. I feel like I learned more through reading peer blogs than I would have if I was told to find random blogs to read in order to learn the same content. My peers were a great inspiration when I became stuck or found a lack of words, which does not happen often. It was also great to blog and see the resemblance of thoughts between my blogs and my peers’ blogs.

I remember when I tried to write my first blog “Keep an Open Mind.” I sat down multiple times to try to start writing with no idea of where to begin. After about the third or fourth time of trying to start the first blog, I remember thinking that this class was not going to be very fun if I had to do this every week which would cause this semester to be a long one. My mindset quickly changed about this class and blogs became easier to write.

My favorite blog posts to write were the Independent Learning Project updates. I felt like these ones gave me the most freedom to be creative which allowed me to show my true personality instead of my professional side. It also allowed me an opportunity to give each post an extremely random name which reflected my train of thought for the week.

I definitely believe that some of my posts could have a better name, but I do not know how to change them to make them better. I have tried, and the names only get worse!

Overall, I am happy with each post. I had friends and family read through them before I posted them each week, so I trust that they are grammatically correct with no spelling errors. However, the mistakes that were not caught can teach the life lesson of no one is perfect, and everyone will make a mistake at least once in a while.

Through the process of writing the 31 blogs (including this one) for the class, I can see my writing style changing. Most of the change is an added sense of maturity that I did not notice until now, and another part of the change is a sense of self.

I notice that I start every class the same way which includes writing papers in a professional manner and not allowing much of my personality to show. Toward the end of most of my classes, I notice that my writing style changes to reflect more of who I am as a person because I realize that the expectations of the teacher and classmates correlate with my personality.

I believe that my best blog is “My Life in Metaphors” not because of the quality but because of the content it contains. I like to use metaphors when describing things, but I had never tried to describe my outlook on life in a metaphor before this blog. I believe my digital story that contains my metaphors turned out pretty good, and it was a lot of fun to make.

On the other hand, I believe my worst blog is “Passion + Learning = Newish Teaching Style.” I think this is the worst because the title needs to be changed, and I did not completely understand everything that I read before writing this blog. I believe more reflection could have been used to write this blog, but I believe it is still worth reading.

I believe there are a few consistencies that occur on a regular basis throughout my blog posts. Some of the consistencies include the themes of guitars or technology. I also tried to add some hint of humor in each blog that I wrote. Some of the blogs have obvious humor, and others have humor that I might cause me to be the only one to laugh. However, I valued the blog assignments after a while because they allowed me to share my thoughts with multiple people and hopefully find someone with the same humor as myself.

I believe the surprises that I found when rereading my blogs were found in the comments section. I would try to ask at least one question in each blog in order to prompt people to comment on my blogs. There were many times where people would answer my direct question and other questions that I was thinking about but never stated. I do not know if this is a good sign, but I enjoyed reading the answers to my questions that were both asked and not asked.

I was also surprised to see the common theme of asking questions throughout my blog posts. I was required for a couple of classes this semester to write with the intent of asking more questions on different topics each week. I did not realize that this mentality carried over to my blog posts until after I reread them.

I believe that many of the topics discussed throughout my blogs are worth revisiting. The concept of digital literacy is not going to go away any time soon. In fact, it will continue to grow until something new is discovered. Because of this, I believe that as a future teacher I need to be up to date with technology and digital citizenship which are two major themes discussed in this class.

Overall, this class was beneficial not for the present moment but for the end, especially during reflection times. I am going to miss the blog, but I will continue it again one day.

Happy Summer Everyone!


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