Daily Create Update for Days 21-30

It is crazy to think that this is the last of my daily creates for this class. These creates have challenged me to try new things. Here is the last ten daily creates.

Day 21: #tdc2280 Escape the Apocalypse: Create a playlist to play in the car while you’re escaping the apocalypse.

Escape the Apocalypse playlist

Day 22: Write a poem about a mistake you made.

Oh no!
It’s late.
Why did I decide to wait?
My assignment is now a zero!

Day 23: Illustrate a Churchill quote

“One always measures friendships by how they show up in bad weather.” Winston Churchill


Photo CC By: Hartwig HKD

Day 24: show us your doors

doors collage

Day 25: Share a picture of something that makes you nostalgic. Childhood toys and books are encouraged!

Day 26 Daily Create

Photo CC By: Elisha Foster

Day 26: WOOF, MEOW!!! What is the animal thinking/saying???

Hey! Wait for me. I want to go.

Day 26 Daily Create

Day 27: ‘Wish you were here’ Virtual Holidays

Day 27 Daily Creates

Photo CC By: webcamhopper

Welcome to Zell am See, Salzburg in Austria! I did not know this place existed until I saw the webcam. It appears to be a gorgeous place with lots of opportunities for hiking and the outdoors as a whole. It also appears to have no snow which would be a wonderful change from the weather in Nebraska!

Day 28:  Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Create a picture of what you think is at the end of a rainbow.


Photo CC By: Neil Turner
At the end of every rainbow is a boat ready to take you on another adventure because the quest to find the end of the rainbow does come true.

Day 29: What the GIF is that song?!

Day 29 Daily Create.gif

Day 30: Tweet your mood today in a GIF!

Day 30 Daily Create


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