Daily Create Update for Days 11-20

These past 10 days have been challenging for me. The challenges for day 11 and day 14 did not seem like something I could do, so I decided to switch them out with archived challenges.

Day 11: #tdc2251 A Snowflake, falling

I am a single flake with friends and family all around.
Falling is my path, sometimes straight and sometimes sideways,
I’ve watched many others take this journey before me.
It appeared to be a lot of fun
Then, I realized we always manage to end up on the ground.

Day 12: #tdc2267 Draw a still life

Day 12 Daily Create

Day 13: #tdc2268 ds106 self-reflection poetry

This has been rough and it has been fun.
No matter what, I will do ds106 when the week is done.
Creative juices flowing!
Somedays I do not know how I keep going!
I guess the key is to remember to keep doing just one.

Day 14: #tdc2249 What’s on your bread?

Day 14 Daily Create

Day 15: #tdc2270 Fantasy plants

Day 15 Daily Create

Day 16: #tdc2271 Mix up a tourist slogan (real or made up) for one place with a picture of another place

Day 16 Daily Create

Day 17: #tdc2272 Fantasy animal

Day 17 Daily Create

Day 18: #tdc2273 design an imaginary music instrument

Day 18 Daily Create

Day 19: #tdc2274 Create a coloring page

Day 19 Daily Create

Day 20: #tdc2275 Color someone’s coloring page @KaylaLambertCSC

Day 20 Daily Create





  1. All of your creations seem to be time consuming. It really shows that you put good effort into your work! I can’t imagine how long the still life took to draw.


    1. Lynda,
      Some of the creations were time-consuming, but others were fun and easy to do. The still life was one of my favorites to do because I needed to kill some time and I like to draw. I was surprised to see how well it turned out because I normally cannot draw very well.


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