Daily Create Update for Days 1-10

My daily creates have been posted on Twitter except for the ones that require recorded sound because I cannot find a way to make it work. However, here is a recap of my first ten days of my daily create. I hope you enjoy them!

Day 1: #tdc2256 Manga You!

Day 1 Daily Create

Day 2: #tdc2257 On a typewriter, no one knows you’re a dog. What is the dog typing?


What is the dog typing? The only information we gathered is the dogs are uniting and going to attack. We are still unsure if the attack is against humans or cats. Invites are being sent in code to all dogs. Can you crack the code?

Day 3: #tdc2258 Use a Frame Within a Frame to Add Depth and Context to a Photo

Day 3 Daily Create

I didn’t have a camera handy, so paint was my next option. Frame within a frame to add depth to a photo. Not sure if this is what should happen, but the picture is either an eye or a small egg on a plate. What do you think?

Day 4: #tdc2259 Stack it up as high as you can

Day 4 Daily Create

Stack it up as high as you can! Here is the process from start to finish of stacking my family into a human triangle. We needed help to complete layer one, so we decided not to try for layer two!

Day 5: #tdc2260 Show us your street furniture

Day 5 Daily Create

Day 6: #tdc2261 Read to Me

Day 7: #tdc2262 Can You Guess My Tune? Upload two songs with similar introductions. Play along by guessing which song played first!

Chattahoochee or Good Time both by Allen Jackson. Which one’s first?

Day 8: #tdc2263 Stuck in a Rut: What’s your post-apocalyptic daily routine?

My Hopeful Checklist

_X_ Nap
_X_ Eat
_X_ Sleep
___ Cook if safe
___ Look for other survivors
_X_ Chill with family
___ Read
___ Garden

X marks what I’ll accomplish

Day 9: #tdc2264 Give your favorite animal species a more descriptive name

Panda: A lazy, lost, Dalmatian polar bear that eats bamboo.

Day 10: #tdc2265 Cats or dogs? Who rules the internet?


I have no preference when it comes to choosing between dogs or cats, but I could not help taking a side when I found this picture. It just appears like this dog is the ruler of the internet.


I eventually found a way to upload my audio daily creates to Twitter, but I figured it would still be a good idea to recap the first 10 days. I think I will do this every third of the way. One-third down, two-thirds to go, I am so far enjoying everything, but I feel like I need to put in a little more effort for some of them.



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