This weeks lesson was longer than the past couple lessons, but it was still very short. The week after midterm break caught both my friend and me by surprise, and we realized during my lesson that both of us still had a lot of homework that needed to be done. This realization quickly led to a wrap up of my lesson and a start to other homework.

However, homework was not the only realization that happened during this lesson. My friend was surprised at how much I retained over break since I did not have much time to practice. This surprise brought around the realization that it is now time for me to chose a song that I want to learn in order to motivate me to learn the entire song. We discussed many easy beginner songs and composers to look into, but I still have no idea which song I want to play.

My friend keeps telling me that this should be a song that I enjoy and will have fun learning, but so far it has been slightly stressful. The freedom that comes from being told it is your choice now is exciting and terrifying. I feel like the picture. I am either going to set sail or fall off of the cliff. We will see what happens.

Besides my lesson, I have started looking into the list of songs to play, and all of the songs look like a fun way to pass time. While I debate on the type of song I want to play, I stick to the list of song beginnings that I have been given. I can finally play most of these songs in front of my friends without messing up, and I can play all of them from memory if no one is around to listen.

I feel like that the rest of this semester will consist of shorter lessons and more practice time. I would like to learn Amazing Grace before the end of the semester and surprise my friend during our final lesson, but I also feel like I need to choose another song in order to accomplish this. This means that I will be learning two songs along with using the beginnings of the songs I already know as practice and warm-ups.

I encourage all of you who know of an easy song to learn on guitar to comment below because I need some direction.


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