Self Instruction

This week for my ILP was quite entertaining. It just so happened that my schedule conflicted with my teacher’s schedule, so I was self-instructed during my lesson time. My lesson consisted of me trying to figure out what videos my friend wanted me to watch in order to learn a new concept this week. I still am unsure if I watched the correct videos!

Besides the lack of instruction, I also felt like I kept running out of time to practice this week. Because it was midterm week, I lost all motivation to do anything until the last minute. My procrastination skills are strong, but my motivation levels are still low.

I did manage to practice a few times throughout the week, and I noticed that I was moving slightly backward in my learning. Last week, I had all of the songs memorized. This week, I had to look up the tabs for almost every song. When I did get used to playing again, it would take me a while to play a song through completely correct twice in a row. I eventually stopped when I could not play Ode to Joy no matter how hard I tried.

Another aspect of the self-instruction that happened this week was my progress on Amazing Grace. I have gotten better at playing this song which is probably why the rest of my songs are backtracking. However, there is still one triplet that I cannot play no matter how hard I try.

Overall, this week was an eye-opener for me. I realized that practice is the key to progress and success. I also realized how much I need a person pushing me to learn more or try new things in order to feel comfortable while doing them. The best part of practicing this week was playing in front of my friends because I was not as focused on my mistakes as I was on the sass flying throughout the room.

Hopefully, I will come back from break with more motivation than what I managed to find this week. I believe the lack of motivation is also a key to my abilities and care to learn. Because all motivation was gone, I did not even want to procrastinate my homework with guitar playing (like usual). Instead, I decided to nap or bother friends.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find the motivation to complete their ILP or increase their desire to learn?



  1. For me the best motivation is to make it meaningful and personal. It also helps if I am learning something to help someone else out or to share it with them. If I know someone else is counting on me, I am less likely to let them down then I would myself. Also it helps to change up the routine to keep things from getting boring.


  2. Barbara,

    I too feel that my procrastination is always at an all time high, and my motivation is not always where I would like it to be. I think that practice is always a good thing, and I feel that even though this week may not have been such a good week, you’ll get there and sometimes I think we just need to sit back reflect and come back and work harder then before. I also agree that having that little extra push from someone else is good. Hopefully things get back on track for you and everything works out. Nice post.

    Peter Hernandez III


    1. Thank you for the advice. I am glad to hear that I am not the only one that is constantly boarding the procrastination struggle bus. I will keep your advice in mind as I continue my journey of playing guitar.


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