Who am I online?

After researching digital citizenship, I started thinking about my online identity. This made me even more excited when I read the next blog assignment was to Google yourself and see what aspects of your life others can see.

I have Googled myself at random points in my life because my friends have made it into a game. When we would do it all together, I would have the smallest online identity because I hardly used technology, especially social media. This time, I noticed that my online identity has grown only a small amount.

I did not think that paying to learn about myself on countless websites was necessary, so I stuck to the first two pages of googles results as well as the images and news sections. I searched Google with four different sets of key words{(first name, last name), (first name, last name, hometown), (first name, middle name, last name), (first name, middle name, last name, hometown)}. I found that Google did not recognize any of my information when my middle name was thrown into the mix, and I needed my hometown in order to get results with my specific information.

Throughout this experience, I have found that there are many Barbara Pieper’s in this world. There are three that accompany my results for the state of Nebraska. Two of the three live in Omaha and the other lives in Elkhorn.

I cannot begin to count the number of pictures associated with different Barbara Pieper’s on Google Images or the number of Facebook profiles Google can find. I was surprised to find that the first article to show in the results for the combination (first name, last name, hometown) was my NE Track and Field Profile. The other relevant results were linked to newspaper articles for scholarships and awards, the CSC Merit Pages, and the White Pages.

Because Facebook was the only option to appear on Google for social media, I believe this shows I spend most of my time on Facebook even though most of my online time is spent on Google. I also think the results would show future employers that I am dedicated to my education and work hard to achieve the goals I set for myself.

This Google search of myself left me with a few unanswered questions. The main question is: Will future employers pay for the information found on the sites that do “public” background checks or will they just use the background check they provide? The second question is: will my lack of an online profile hurt me when it comes to finding a job? I have been told many times that employers will use online searches to narrow down candidates applying for jobs. Will this hurt my chances or will it show them that I have better things to do with my time? My last question is: Do you know who you are online?



  1. Barbara great post!
    I think it is so crazy to me how much google can pull up about us without even us knowing!! I feel like we all should take the time in googling ourselves just to see what exactly is out there in the world about us!


    1. Katie,
      I also think it is crazy what Google holds. We have been told many times throughout this class and other aspects of life that our digital footprint will follow us wherever we go. After Googling myself, I have found the truth in this statement.

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  2. Barbara,
    I also had to add in a little more information than just my name to get anything that was actually relevant to me, which is FINE with me! I want it to be hard for people to creep. I found that having my middle name on my Facebook makes it really hard for random people to add me also, but it seems like there have been a lot of random strangers still trying to lately.


    1. I agree that I want it hard for people to creep and see my digital footprint. I do not think I would want to try to add my middle name on Facebook, but that is a good suggestion.


  3. I think its great that if employers looked you up they would find how dedicated you are to you goals and achievement. I think that it is always important, especially when becoming teachers to remain and have a good image. Googling ourselves is a great way to figure out what is out there and what employers can find out about us.


    1. Jalee,
      I agree that Googling ourselves is a great way to figure out how much stuff actually is published for everyone to see. I also think we need to do it while applying for jobs just to be sure there are no misprints that could lead to not getting a position.


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