This week has been a much better week in terms of my time spent on my ILP. I have found myself trying to make up for the lack of practice last week by practicing an abundant amount this week.

During my time practicing, I have found that I play best when I am either laughing at my mistakes with friends or not paying attention to what I am supposed to be doing. I believe this is because I tend to overthink everything. Overthinking makes it hard to play correctly. Laughing or not thinking corrects the overthinking and makes it easier to play.

All of my practice has paid off a little bit. I have managed to accomplish the task of memorizing the beginnings of the eight songs I have been given. (Playing them correctly all the time is a different story, but I do know how they are supposed to sound.) I have also managed to branch out on my own a little bit (more on that later).

My lesson with my friend was cut short this week because of a basketball game, but during this lesson, I was given a new task to try to master. Since I managed to memorize the notes of each song (task 1), I was given a new song and a new concept to use while playing this song. The name of the song is Lonely Road, and the tabs are pictured below.

Lonely Road

Photo CC-By: Barbara Pieper

The new concept is what my friend calls bridging (which is not a technical name). Bridging consists of using one finger to hold down two strings while playing. If I am not playing the song, my fingers work well and the strings make the correct noise. While playing the song, I cannot apply the pressure evenly enough to make both strings sound correct. However, I am sure this will work better with some practice.

Since my lesson was cut short, I decided that I should still use my time to practice. While practicing, another one of my friends mentioned that it would be cool if I could play Amazing Grace. If you follow the link, you will find the music I found to try to accomplish this task. I have found that the only hard part of this music is the triplet (three notes played quickly one right after another). I was informed that the rest of the song sounded like it should by my not so musically inclined friend, but I still trust her on this topic.

Besides mastering the new song and concept from my friend and the challenge I have given myself, I hope to have a good video to upload to my next post to show everyone my masterpieces and my works in progress since we will be halfway through this semester.




  1. Barb, I totally feel you! My practicing has been lacking lately as well, but that makes me want to practice a TON more this week! I’m so happy you developed a new skill! Do you think you’ll post a video of your final song??


    1. Katie,
      I will definitely post a video of my accomplishments at the end. I also think that the lack of motivation is always followed by the desire to do more than expected.


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