What is ds106??????

ds106 is a free college course open to the public. That’s right. It is FREE to the public! It has no specific start time or end time. There are multiple sessions that happen each year, and people can start at any time and leave at any time. ds106 is also known as digital storytelling.  Digital Storytelling is a technology-based learning environment that inspires and encourages creativity.

ds106 is less of a course and more of a community of students encouraging each other to stick with the challenges and become more creative. I find this very inspiring because so many aspects of today’s educational system ‘beats’ away creativity and standardizes everything. The challenge that was given to us, as a class, specifically from ds106 is the daily create.

Last year, I had a friend taking Literacy in the Digital Age, so I have heard of daily creates and helped with a few along the way. However, I did not know what they were exactly. After doing some research, I realized that daily creates are prompts based on five categories: audio, video, writing, drawing, and photography. These prompts encourage the users to get in touch with their creative side with a daily challenge. After completing the daily create, ds106 asks that the finished products be posted to Twitter with a specific hashtag in order for followups to occur.

Today’s daily create is #tdc2237 Fake Movie/Fake Review is a follow up in response to the daily create #TDC2235 Show us the Pitch from  Wednesday. Here is one of many examples of this daily create.

The goal was to write a movie review in one tweet from the movie ideas that were pitched on Wednesday. This one caught my eye because I do not know many actors or actresses, but I do know Morgan Freeman.

After looking through the ds106 website and the page of daily creates, I have come to the conclusion that this will be fun to try for 30 days. I know I will struggle with the drawing the most because I cannot draw much more than a stick person most days. I also think this will be fun to try to incorporate into a classroom when I start teaching.

I feel like the concept of daily creates is good to incorporate into the classroom. Teachers should challenge and encourage their students to work outside of their comfort zone and be creative on a daily basis. As a future math and science teacher, I am unsure of ways that I can incorporate this into my classroom at the moment, but I will continue to think on this subject and encourage suggestions from all who want to leave a comment below.



  1. Nice post Barbara! I think that it is really cool that ds106 gives the power to the learner. I think it is important for learners to have to opportunity to express themselves and their creativeness through their learning.


    1. Jackson,
      I agree that it is great to give the learner the power to express themselves in creative fashions during learning. Too many classrooms limit the use of creativity and manage the amount of power the learner has. I think part of this needs to change.


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