Pain in the Patella

This week has been an interesting week for my ILP. As my cover photo shows, I felt like a little girl sitting all alone with no one to play with. This was because most of my practicing was done alone. When I sat down to practice, I did not have my computer handy so I would try to play by memory. This turned out to be an entertaining time because there are only three songs that I have the tabs memorized, and I am supposed to be learning five songs.

I also tried to play the guitar with long fingernails because I was too lazy to cut them. This made for an interesting challenge. It is very hard to play the guitar correctly if you have long fingernails. You need to use your fingertips to press the strings down in order to play the correct notes. With long fingernails, I found that you use the pads of your fingers which causes some confusion as to which string you are pushing down.

When I tried to show off to my friends throughout the week, I was unable to play very well. I was overly confident when I started, and the confidence dwindled quickly when I would mess up all of my fingerings. This made me feel wonderful because we got to sit and laugh for five minutes before I tried again. This repeated at least three times before I would give up and move on to something else.

However, when it came time to play for my friend at the beginning of my lesson, I was able to play better than the rest of the week. He laughed when I told him that I did not use my music because I did not want to open my computer. He also told me to try a little harder next week, but I have made progress on the songs that I do have memorized.

This lesson consisted of learning a new song. This new song is going to be a pain in my patella. It is “Crazy Train.” This song has tabs for two strings. The rest of the songs I have been playing have been one string except for the last note of “Red Solo Cup.” This should be an entertaining time to try to learn.

Crazy Train

Stay tuned for next week when I explain how this train wreck went!

Hopefully, everyone’s ears survive!



  1. Barbara it is so nice to hear that I’m not the only one who struggled this week with my ILP! But isn’t that what an ILP is for??? We are learning so it is very motivating to read that you could laugh it off and keep playing!

    Keep up the great work!


  2. Barbara, this is such a great talent to have, and you should be proud! Have you ever thought of uploading a video of yourself playing to your wordpress? And have you thought of playing around with music genres, or even composing? Good luck!


    1. Ashley,
      These thoughts have never crossed my mind. I have some videos of myself playing that I will consider adding to my future posts. The thought of playing around with different genres has crossed my mind, but I do not feel confident in my abilities to compose music yet. I will keep these in mind for the weeks to come.


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