Passion+Learning=Newish Teaching Style

This week I decided to read My Journey Teaching Through Passion-Based Learning and 21st Century Educating, Part 1: Passion to learn more about passion-based learning techniques of how to incorporate passion-based learning projects into the classroom as well as reasons why this learning style is important.

The first article is about a teacher’s journey through developing a successful passion-based learning project for sixth-grade students during the fourth term. The teacher describes the first year as a shock because it was an optional project that only half of the students were expected to complete. However, all of the students gladly accepted the task. The first year was a learning curve for both students and teacher.

After the end of the first year, the teacher asked the students if they thought this should be something that happened every year. It was an overwhelming yes from everyone. Because of this answer, the teacher set out to refine and expand the passion-based learning project to the other classes and teachers.

From this article, I learned that it is not always necessary to plan every step of instruction. Sometimes, it works out to just go with the flow and be flexible enough to help students learn. Being creative with passion-based learning projects is a necessity and needs to be instilled in the students. A passion-based learning project should be connected with a true passion of the student no matter what subject needs to be incorporated. Students will get creative and connect their passions to any subject as long as there is free reign of the topic choices and projects.

The second article discusses the reason for being passionate about what you do with your life. The first sentence explains how education was lacking in the realm of passion, but this trend is changing. This change is for the better because if a teacher is passionate about the subject, the students will become passionate about it as well. This is because passion is contagious.

Think about the teachers you have had in the past or currently have now. When you think about the ones that seemed bored with the material, do you remember liking or disliking the class? When you think about the ones that seemed overenthusiastic about the material, do you remember liking or disliking the class?

Personally, I remember loving a subject one year and disliking it the next. This was all because of the teacher. Now that I am thinking back on it, I realize that the teachers that were enthusiastic and passionate about their subjects led me to be passionate about them. The opposite worked as well. The teachers that were lacking the passion or interest in their subjects made me question why the classes were important and led me to not like them.

I am excited that passion-based learning is coming back to the forefront of education. This style of teaching will help the future generations engage in all of their classes no matter if they believe the topic is useful or a waste of time. If it is made entertaining and filled with passion, most people will change their thinking.

My biggest takeaway from these articles is passion-based learning is not a new style, but it is not very popular. I believe as it becomes more popular it will be like a sunset/sunrise. The sunset is the end of each day that brings about the beginning of the next in the sunrise. The passion-based learning will bring about the end of the old ways of teaching and start a newish way of teaching.



  1. I too read that article, I thought that the project was a great idea. It is hard to keep the students attention toward breaks and the end of the school year. I think that as future educators it will be important to continue to put passion in our learning. Great job!


    1. I think you bring up a great point when it comes to keeping the students’ attention toward breaks and the end of the year. I feel that passion-based learning opportunities will be great to include during these times as a way to help students focus.


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