Looks Aren’t Everything

Beauty is more than just on the outside, it is even more meaningful when it comes from the inside. This statement is one of the many things my parents have taught me. It has been a way I try to live my life. This is one reason why I decided to watch Cameron Russel’s TED Talk.

Cameron Russel has been a model for most of her life. In her TED Talk, “Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I’m a model.” Cameron talks about her experience and says things that not many models will dare to say. I was personally caught off guard by some of her statements. The biggest statement was that models are some of the most insecure people on the planet. This is because they have to constantly worry about how they look and move. Cameron encourages others to NOT become a model because after you realize modeling is the only thing on your resume, it is hard to find a better job especially if your dream is to become the first female president!

The reason I chose this TED Talk to watch this week is the never-ending comment I hear from society as a whole of “I’m too fat.” This statement always bugs me because the people I encounter saying this are practically anorexic. After hearing Cameron talk, I can now inform people that being skinnier is not the key to happiness when my line of “If you’re fat, I’m a midget” does not work. (I’m six foot tall and short for my family but tall for a female).

Many of my classes this semester have started to focus on two things: 1) technology in the classroom and 2) happiness. I was overjoyed when I heard Cameron bring up being happy. While models may always look happy in photo’s, it is usually not who they are in life. They normally come from a different place and are forced to be happy while on camera. This is not a life for anyone. People should strive to be happy in life!

Another aspect of modeling is photoshop. While not all pictures are photoshopped, there is a great deal of work that goes into getting the perfect picture. Models are a work of art. They are a combination of lighting, staging, makeup, hair products, and clothing. While they look beautiful, it is not really them.


Photo CC-By: photogallovingit

Take this butterfly for an example. It has been enhanced to be the front of the photo. The blue sky background has been lightened and part of the beautiful flower that it is sitting on has been blurred in the background. While this is still a lovely picture of the butterfly, it is not the real-life example. For all we know, this butterfly could have been trying to blend into the background, but it was brought to the foreground.

After watching this TED Talk, I can agree even more that looks are not everything. They are just an excuse that people use to explain why they are not happy instead of trying to find true happiness.



  1. Barbara,
    I really enjoyed this blog post! The TED Talk you chose to watch sounds awfully interesting. I think the standard of beauty in society, especially for models, is something that’s hard to take in. I also think Photoshop is harmful to our society in a lot of ways! This is why I love that stores like Aerie don’t retouch their models.


    1. I did not know that there were publishers that do not retouch their models. This is great information because the standard of beauty in society has a chance to change if more story writters do this.


  2. Great post! I have seen this TED talk before and enjoyed it. I liked that you mentioned that focusing on being skinny does make you happier. As a personal trainer I work with people to set health goals that are measurable but I don’t like to include certain pant sizes or weight. It can lead to super unhealthy obsessions. Skinny is not what defines healthy.


    1. I completely agree that skinny is not what defines healthy. I also enjoy that you do not include pant sizes or weight when finding measurable goals. What do you use instead?


      1. We talk more about changes they can make to their health- how much time they will devote to exercise, small changes in diet, and what health to mean in their lives. Maybe they want more energy, better sleep, or more self confidence.

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  3. Barbara,

    I love your analogy to the butterfly picture. I have never really thought of modeling to be that way. The pictures of the models do not represent how the model is actually feeling. Photography of models should be all about bringing out their true feelings, especially when trying to sell a product.



    1. It would be very interesting to see what pictures would look like if models showed their true feelings. It would also show how much a model likes a product which would be a great selling tool for some products and not so much for others.


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