“Education is important, but why is being happy and healthy not considered education,” says Logan LaPlante in his TED Talk. I agree with Logan. Being happy and healthy should be considered in the standard educational system. I do NOT mean the health reforms that are being instituted in schools where students are not allowed to bring deserts for class parties or buy a pop out of the vending machines. I mean true health tactics such as teaching students the reasons behind eating more vegetables instead of brownies or finding a form of exercise all students enjoy. Every student is forced to take a physical education class. Instead of being forced to lift weights or run a lot, teachers should find other forms of exercise that can be incorporated into schools such as outdoor walks or hikes or even swimming.

Along with finding other alternatives to interest students in becoming healthy, I also believe teachers should teach students the reasons why they should be healthy and then try to be a role model. I know many of my teachers in high school were not very good at showing students how to be healthy. Some had a bottle of Coke for lunch while others would barely move from their desks while teaching. If teachers want students to learn to be healthy, they should be willing to help model the concept.


Photo CC-By Lauri Heikkinen

As for the happy portion of this quote, traditional schools are not for everyone. My little sister is in eighth grade. She has always loved school. Up until this year, she was the one that got mad when she was too sick to go to school because it would ruin her perfect attendance. However, she called me the other night to tell me that she hated school because everyone hated her. (Think back to middle school: girls are just mean and everyone is going through hormonal shifts.) There are reasons behind her thinking, but most of them can be easily brushed off due to the changes that are happening in that age group. (Don’t try to tell that to an eighth-grade girl who just wants to rant. The results are more ranting!)

I believe, even at this odd age, there should be something that makes students want to go to school besides “It is the law. I have to go.” It should make them happy and leave them wanting to learn more. As I said earlier, traditional schools are not for everyone. If I was not in love with the idea of teaching and enriching the minds of the future, I would encourage everyone to drop out and try hackschooling just to see if it made them happy.

As for the article by Bud Hunt, he provides information that backs Logan LaPlante. Lenses are powerful tools that typically enhance the way someone views something. The three main lenses discussed in Bud Hunt’s blog include: make, hack, and play. Making things is a great way to enhance the skill being learned. Hacking, as discussed by Logan, is a great way to become happy and healthy while learning. Playing teaches many life skills that are usually forgotten by educators. These three lenses need to be brought back into the educational system.



  1. I agree with what you wrote Barbara! It’s so important in today’s day and age to find happiness through whatever circumstance we may face in life, especially with all the negativity that goes around. How can we, as future educators, integrate these three lenses back into the classroom for our students, and what resources can we use to do this effectively?


    1. I believe it will be easier to implement the three lenses into an elementary classroom. However, I am up for the challenge of doing it in a middle grade or secondary education setting. I am still unsure of how this will work, but I believe the first step is to commit to finding new ways to teach and asking the second step would be research which could including asking the students for help. I know I have used heads up seven up as a learning game in the classroom and it was the students who gave me the initial thought.


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